... 8 - Line Easy Project, Next!

I need a break from a monster like Kilroy, so next I am making a shorter, stubbier 8 - line *version* of the 12-Line 'No. 2' pencil. No curved rod sleeves... No appliqued screen... *phew! This will be a 'Magic Marker' or 'Marks-A-Lot' _type_ of felt-tipped marker with 8 lines, instead of 12, for indoor or zero-wind outdoor flying. I will be able to *pump* the kite, whereas with 'No. 2', I can't... (so I need 1MPH or so to fly the pencil... whatever it takes for the 4 - line body portion to get lift without pumping. Elvis, I'm not 😉

Working on the drawing... simple stuff, here... I won't be documenting this kite like I did with Kilroy, as many of the steps are identical. I will be uploading progress reports, pix, etc to http://www.yelmtel.com/~rmaddy. If I get right on it, this one should go _quickly_.

Why the name 'Magic O'? . 1. I've always called them 'Magic Markers'. 2. As you will soon see with the artwork, the word 'Magic' will appear both rightside-up and upside-down and backwards just *off-middle* of the kite. The 'O' will be directly in the middle. 3. One of the kite's *main functions* will be to draw large 'O's, using a black tail. I know from experience that writing my name with it is out of the question 😉

Indoors, here comes 'Magic O'.

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Whelp... _that_ didn't *work*... let's go with just backwards. Hey, why not...(?)

Preliminary drawings and dimensions are up: http://members.nbci.com/PuppetKites/magico.htm

10 foot wingspan outa do it 😊

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Scaling and Projection Planning Revisions: (from Page 2: http://members.nbci.com/PuppetKites/magico2.htm)

Looking at the drawings after a good night's sleep, I realized I should have simply included a grid with the projection print-out, so a new drawing/print-out was made. Also, since the main color field for the lettering is gray, not black, I realized I can use gray as my *main* piece to transfer the pattern onto and to use as the visual sewing 'up' side. For projection, I will use a piece of butcher paper just large enough for this area. I will draw out the actual kite dimensions on a 10 ft.+ x 2 ft.+ piece of paper, then tape the portion with the lettering into position. I still haven't figured out how I am going to get the other half of this half-pattern onto paper/ripstop. A combination of light table and carbon paper will surely work. I really don't need to trace it onto the paper pattern, do I? Here's the new projection format, an actual screenshot of the page, before printing, as it looks in the Star Office software program:

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