Re my recent comments about the blade 3.3
Wow was I wrong! (and I can admit it, atleast once in a while.) I only really buggy at the park near my house, don't usually fly stunt kites as I like my wind a bit on the steady side and the park ...
by grover
Blade For Sale !
4.9 M Blade for sale, the blue and red model. I've had it for about four weeks but it's still in perfect condition, as good as new. The reason for sale is that I'm after a bigger model. I live in the ...
by Quatermass
Re: How high can *you* fly? (or: Altitude Record)
I have had my Blade 4.9 well in excess of 52 m above sea level. I know this because i have 50m lines and I was stood on a sand dune, this doesnt even factor in the length of my arms and body so I ...
by prasad.aman
Of buggies, kites, and men, a libre/Jojo/lukas review
Some months ago, on the power kiting mailing list, the question came up about what the best power kite was. I threw in my limited knowledge 2 cents and said something along the lines of... 'I dunno ...
by Squint
Re: PEEL5 is this a good Kite???
neen, de peel is niet goed om te springen, koop een nieuwere foil, geen c-quad (te moeilijk) blade, predator, xl... Pieter, Beau&Fort, Knokke (050-62.81.89)
by dachs
Bath uni
i've just got my stuff for next year at bath uni. shock horror, there is no kite buggy/surf/jumping club in the union. Is there anyone at bath into power kites?? failing that, any one in the area ...
by SonnyYambars
Re: Kite-jumping
Hmmm, don't quite know what you're doing wrong, and this will be a completely unhelpful posting, but I don't see why people have so many problems flying kites, jumping etc. Within a couple of hours ...
by motrbotr
Re: Foil Maker
... pstop over the pattern and cut it out using a 'Weller' Instant soldering iron fitted with a cutting blade. (They cost about £15 from B&Q) This has the advantage of sealing the edges as you cut and ...
by Jim Parry
Re: Beautiful weekend
Saw you and the wife there today. You accused me of following you with my 2.6 Blade. (Blue/Grey) I must say, I am impressed with your kite. Were the plans bought or did you use a foil maker program?? ...
by Mathefblow
Re: Plans
I didn't download the 'Blade' plans but the Gemini plans worked well. Check out my site for pictures of it. :0) David
by Soundselectah
Re: Buggy Get-together in Galveston
Ok... which is it... East or West? I'm leaving at 6:00am tomorrow and sure would like to know. Directions? Landmarks? (non moving preferably... something other than 'look for the Blade')((unless you ...
by Squint

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