Hi Everyone, i have 5 PP Kites for sale on eBay just now, Original, unused ...
Hi Everyone, i have 5 PP Kites for sale on eBay just now, Original, unused and unopened, Interested ? Item number: 180914668035 Thanks for looking
by Guest
Re: Peter Powell kite plan
Hi I'm the sell on ebay and i bought this kite from an old toy shop about 4 or 5 years ago. I presumed then it was an origanal PP, as i had to go back two days later when the old lady had searched it ...
by Quatermass
Re: Mosquito pro 7.5
Sorry! I sold the last week by ebay.
by Jose
Re: I have a old skynasaur aerobat with the bridle messed up
I still have it. I will post it on ebay for $30 or best offer. It is item 280928048212
by jerryb
Re: Peter Powell Kites
Might want to keep an eye on ebay. Don't think there are any on there now, but several months ago I recall seeing a bunch of Peter Powell kites there.
by mathyou9
Re: How much is a Peter Powell Kite worth these days??
I am selling a Peter Powell on ebay now. I originally put it on for £2, then asked the opinion of a kite expert online who told me to put it on for £15 and see how it goes. It's only been on 1 day ...
by chrise
Re: Today I have been given a new original Peter Powell Mk 2 Stunt Kite in orig...
why sell it? Fly it! It cant be worth that much on ebay but the smile it will put on your face is Priceless!
by doddg
Re: Line strength for Peter Powell Kite, please
Very many thanks, Marcus Lots of good info there I agree about the fun and ease of the PP kite. My lads had them in the 70's and now me. I'm 77! I have collected a few over the years and will ...
by Sara
Kite auctions links
I can't find the link for kite-auctions, or sale of kites (Not http://ebay.com) Does anyone have some good ones ? Looking also for Kite-auctions / sales in Switzerland/Germany Thanks
by meridimans
Re: Peter Powell Stunt Kite
Yes, actually 60 foot is probably nearer the mark. If you want to see some Peter Powell Kite videos follow this link to You Tube..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9mmchJLCJs There are other ...
by peterpowellkite
Re: Looking for Skynasaur Aerobat
Already got it. Try eBay however 75$ is à lot of money for this kite...
by Kiterdj
Re: How much is a man on the moon kite worth I have 3 of them in good condition
One sold on eBay this past March 1 listed as "new and unopened" condition for $66. I'll probably be bidding on one if you go that route.
by Ardvark
Re: Wembley Mettoy Barnstormer 1970s
They pop up on eBay quite regularly, so keep an eye on listings.
by Flying Fish
Re: I'm looking for a Peter Powell kite for my daugther. Does an...
Funny you should ask, I've an original Red PP Kite packaged (Never Opened) for sale on eBay. Problem is it's restricted in postal region to UK & Ireland. To send to US is expensive due to packaged ...
by peterpowellkite
Re: I have what I think is a Peter Powell kite. It has a very lo...
Take a look at my You Tube Video..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9mmchJLCJs and also visit eBay where I have an original Red PP Kite for sale - alas, it's postal region is restricted to UK & ...
by peterpowellkite
There was one of these on ebay the other day with an 85.00 reserve...no suprise it didn't get any bids!!!!! Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=382669670&ed=9...
by Woodlyn
Re: Any Peter Powell Kites available
There's one on eBay at the moment
by peterpowellkite
Re: I know a neighbour who is willing to sell two peter powell k...
Put it on ebay. Very rare and sort after. I would say start at £30-£40 in good working order plus p&p
by Richard
Re: I have a stylus 2.8 that I was given and have never flown. I...
... just browsing and I see that you collect the old Prism Stylus kites. Here are two being listed on ebay if you're interested. ...
by Chris
... g a Peter Powell kite in the 70s and am now all set to buy one. I recently bought a small Delta on ebay but since then have ...
by Sara

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