What are disadvantages of flying kites? is flying kite waste of money?
What are disadvantages of flying kites? is flying kite waste of money?
by Guest
Advatages of flying kites and diadvantages of flying kites
advatages of flying kites and diadvantages of flying kites
by Guest
Pairs...Style of flying
We just finished a really nice weekend here in Long Beach California for the Long Beach Sport Kite Classic. Great Winds, great people and great weather... Enough with that though, on to my question. ...
by Prasanth
Kite flying on Maui
A while back, there were a number of posts about kite flying being banned on the beaches of Hawaii. Is this still the case? Is there any point in my brining sport kites with me? If so, what are some ...
by imported_Andrew
Bali Kite (Flying Advice Needed)
with flowing tail and 3-D head. If you've seen one ya know what I'm talking about. Flight Characteristic: Did a long line launch. It looked great for a minute, then would suddenly turn and do a swan ...
by HowardtheDuck
I like to set world records in Kite flying - When can i found latest world ...
I like to set world records in Kite flying - When can i found latest world records in particular Kites.
by royalkiteflyers
Fun Day out for all the family including Kite flying
Recently, there has been discussion here about festivals in Taunton, Elscombe and Aldershot. *none* of these are listed at Why is ...
by Man Eating Duck
The Benefits of Kite Flying
Kite flying has more benefits than most of us think of. Kite flyer's will tell you that flying kites will regenerate energy and has a way of reducing stress and tension of everyday life. Kite ...
by Donna
Advantages of flying kites?about health benifits and it is fun or not
advantages of flying kites?about health benifits and it is fun or not
by Guest
I have 25 ish AC sparkplug Hi-Flyer kites. Vintage , "High Flying ACtion" Y...
I have 25 ish AC sparkplug Hi-Flyer kites. Vintage , "High Flying ACtion" Yellow Paper. Still in the box from the manufacturer. Does anybody think they would like to buy them ?
by Guest
Ahainarestoration. org/fly-a-kite-in- kaanapali-this-sat urday/ Kite flying is... Kite flying is not banned on Maui
by Guest
Flying in Silvaplana, Switzerland
Does anyone know about flying in the Silvaplana area of Switzerland? And where is the nearest kite shop? thanks,
by Squint
I have not been flying for years would like to start with the pro dancer. I...
I have not been flying for years would like to start with the pro dancer. Is that a good decision? I need to find someone in San Jose who can help me get started again. Thank you Jan
by Guest
Stunt Kite Bridle Setup Problems!!
... s. Completely out of adjustment. Is there a default method of adjusting these, just to get the kite flying in the fist place? Someone mentioned getting the rings to line up with the ...
by Electric Z
Re: Best stunt kite instructional video?
... ght School, Dodd Gross - Progressive training system to develop the basics needed for more advanced flying. Covers a lot of tricks in a ...
by Jim Davis
Re: Looking for a kite club in houston tx
The S.H.A.R.K. also known as South Houston Area Recreational Kiters spend quite a bit of time flying around Houston. A favorite spot is Sylvan Beach in Laporte. The wind comes straight off the bay ...
by Capt Rick, local kite guy
Re: Kiting in houston, texas
... i will be there for about a week and would like to meet some kite enthusiasts and need some tips on flying fields and stores :)). don't know the exact time when i will ...
by scott
Kites as an Energy Source?
Engineer-Poet post on the Ergoshere site make an interesting suggestion for supplying part of the need of ships in fuel. Flying well above the waves, these kites can capture more power than even ...
by Donna
Re: Dead Launch
What helped me to learn the dead launch was to first point the kites nose a little to the center of the wind window. Someone in rec.kites wrote that to me when I had the same trouble learning the ...
by chani
Re: Peter Powell kite plan
... enquiry for a kite. I do have a Blue Kite with a Red Tail to sell - you might also find viewing me flying my kite on You Tube of interest. To view go to You Tube and ...
by Peter Powell Kite
Re: Home-made harnessback-strap
Hi there, well that would work with alot of kites, but especially the newer breed of kites thrives on brakeline pulling! ;) I would certainly not recommend this with a C-Quad and some other ...
by man14val
Re: Mosquito Pro KS 5
It seems you are right about out of water flying. Don't you find it a bit hard to carry around or store? It takes too long to get it inflated.
by jade
Re: How high can *you* fly? (or: Altitude Record)
Hey, I can beat that! 2 weeks ago, I was flying the Jam Session Millennium on 66 meter lines (being 2 33m lines knotted together). Here also, taking my height and arms in account, let's assume it's ...
by richard vinod
Re: What would you buy?
The Skyburner Heat - My tricking skills aren't to the god level yet but I was talking to John from Skyburner Friday and he was telling me about how the French champion flier was roto-fading it in a ...
by dtyjyrzwz
Re: Quad line delta
... ack a Trick Tail, Precision and Omega together. Now that's a hand full. 3 different sized, style of flying all stacked together. Picture 3 kites with 6 45foot tails all in the sky. It pulls like a ...
by Mathefblow
Re: I'm looking to buy an original peter powell stunt kite in it...
You might be interested in this type of Peter Powell (Mk.2), I'm flying it at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland from the cliff top. Reason I'm kneeling is that I'm 3 to 4 feet from the edge and a ...
by peterpowellkite
Re: Beetle Assembly Question
I found that it is better to hold the leading edge lower (where the leading edge connector is) and pulling down while turning the tip connect at a 45 to the end of the leading edge spar. My son has ...
by chani
Re: Can someone supply Jamsession bridle measurements?
Barry Sorry about the tone of my post yesterday; its was perhaps unnecessary. However, like others, I disagree with your making of patented (it that's the correct word) kites. I, too, would like a ...
by dstf3000
Line strength for Peter Powell Kite, please
Hi Could someone please tell me what length and strength of line I should get to restore my Peter Powell Kite to flying happiness. Thanks Sara
by Sara
Re: Burlington Kite Festival?
A couple of us from North Dakota are going. Chris Dodson North Dakota: No Mountains, No Trees . . . Just One Big Flying Field
by prasad.aman
Re: Peter Powell Stunt Kite
Hello! Do you still have a tail? Any colour would do, my pp stunt kite is without one! And it has trouble flying. Thanks
by NeedAPPTail!
Re: Where can i buy this Box Kite?
This purple kite is one of my favorite designs and it is known as the 'McAlister Box' or 'Diamond Arch.' This design was first featured in Drachen Magazine in the early 90's as well as in the sky ...
by ScottNash
Re: I'm looking for a good kite auction site/sites. Can anybody help me as I ha...
This is my current list with some that have already sold. I started flying kites relatively late in life. Following a fifteen year career working in the entertainment industry as a theatrical ...
by PDF
Maryland Kite Society - MKS Retreat 2001
The Maryland Kite Society is happy to announce the details of its 2001 Kite Builders Retreat. It will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Beltsville, MD over President's weekend, February 16-19, ...
by AdipexAdipex
Re: Parafoil kite out of control... what to do?
... tting out line. By the sounds of things its pretty close to stable but just needs tuning a bit. Try flying on less windy days? Try a bigger drogue or more tail. Next option is to move ...
by Linda2
Re: No wind kites
Don, I suggested the Easy Light primarily because of the sale I stumbled on. I also enjoyed flying it. You can't go wrong there for $50. The Pro Wren Is way too $ for budget fliers. Great kite ...
by Man Eating Duck
Hi iv just got into power kiting i have an exit 1.8m dual co...
hi iv just got into power kiting i have an exit 1.8m dual cord but im looking for 2,5m quad but i wont it to look like home countrys flag does any one know i can get this done and wot price oh im in ...
by Guest
Re: Questions about the SOA Vibe
... I agree that it takes a lot of wind to fly this kite, 20 mph seems a little on the high side. I was flying mine on the Mall in Washington, DC this past weekend at 12mph. Still, that's a bit of wind ...
by watto
... 8 - Line Easy Project, Next!
I need a break from a monster like Kilroy, so next I am making a shorter, stubbier 8 - line *version* of the 12-Line 'No. 2' pencil. No curved rod sleeves... No appliqued screen... *phew! This will ...
by richard vinod
Kite Festival on South Padre Island
The weekend of November 4th and 5th B&S Kites of South Padre Island (South Padre's newest full service kite store) will be holding a family kite festival. As of now there will be wonderful single ...
by Bhaok

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