Re: How high can *you* fly? (or: Altitude Record)
Hi folks, Must have been may,98, late afternoon, wind from the east (never good). Well benoit and I had been flying all afternoon, but the winds were pretty crappy. So I said to him, lets try getting ...
by lalika
Re: New PBSK Kite 2001 (com)
look you folks, she'll only send you one if you have something real to offer... *I* can test it in the wet and rain we get here in the uk, which is completely different from you rain there. peter ...
by lubregad
Re: Bridle lenght?
I believe you mean 'line set' and it's different strokes for different folks, wind conditions and skill levels. 150' is generally good for beginners, high winds and ballet style kites. 50' is good ...
by ScottNash
Congratulations to High Flyers Flight Company
For their recent award of 'Best Retailer (USA)-2000. For those who know Steve Santos and Sue Moskowitz this will probably come as no surprise to you. Their years of great service to both kiters and ...
by TerroSquad
Re: Rec.kites posting
... l forum: um_start=0 There are folks there who will listen. LOL GWTW may just be ...
by anewton
Search for DV8 plan (build ba ted jackson)
Hi folks, i'm searching for a kite plan. Can anybody help me to find a plan for ted jackson's D.V.8 build in 1994. It also build by John Tennepohl (Skyburner) Thanks.
by groovydarthonyx
Kites in olympics
Folks, I am really disappointed. We have 4 years to make something happen. When I see events like mountain biking, rythmic gymnastics (hoola hoops and ribbon) and (back yard) trampoline as olympic ...
by Arromeode
hi folks, wow sorry to hear that went down like that. if she was invited to fly in this event then she can win it.... give it back to her she flew for it , she won it . they asked her to fly for it, ...
by CosmicGirl
AKA Convention - Final Day PHOTOS!
Folks, Finally made it home and have now posted the photos of our final day in the sun. We've got photos from: Potato Chip Bag Challenge Hot Tricks Shootout Awards Banquet ...and more banners! Find ...
by Quatermass
Link Line for quad handles
Hi, I have a kinda silly question.... Finally got a harness for buggying and skiing, now, how do I tie a link line between the handles so I can hook in? I have Quadrafoil handles, but am not ...
by scott
Kite wind turbine electric generator
Hi. New to the newsgroup, I work in the windpower industry. I am investigating some plans to build a small wind turbine without a tower; i.e. a kite wind turbine. A year ago or so I saw a discussion ...
by Linda2

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