Re: Best stunt kite instructional video?
... will sell you the first three. If you master the tricks on those videos there is nothing you cannot learn from a description ...
by Arromeode
Re: Dead Launch
What helped me to learn the dead launch was to first point the kites nose a little to the center of the wind window. Someone in rec.kites wrote that to me when I had the same trouble learning the ...
by chani
Of buggies, kites, and men, a libre/Jojo/lukas review
Some months ago, on the power kiting mailing list, the question came up about what the best power kite was. I threw in my limited knowledge 2 cents and said something along the lines of... 'I dunno ...
by Squint
Re: No wind kites
Mike, First thing you really need to decide with 'zero wind' kites are they for indoor only or are you going to take them out and play in 'low wind' too. If your going outside you need a stronger ...
by anewton
Re: PEEL5 is this a good Kite???
Yes the 6.2 C-Q pulls like a tank, but is it honestly suitable for someone to learn on? How many innocent C-quads have to die in the hand of inexperienced beginners (Spa and spines broken)? Expecting ...
by scottywan
Re: AKA Sport Kite Ranking
Okay okay...at the risk of being called pedantic, lol, I gotta ask...who thunk up the ranking names to begin with and since things are a'changin, why hang on to archaic ranking titles. Hows that for ...
by ScottNash
New To kite Repair and making??????
Hi there i am new to kite surfing i have damaged a few kites and would now like to learn how to fix and make kites, as repair bills keep mounting up. Any info regarding what types of machines are ...
by muzza989
Re: Quad Line Foils....need advice
Unfortunately you are going to pay for a quadline power foil. If you are just looking to have some jumping dragging fun, look at either the C-quad or the Q2000 series. The C-quad is going to be more ...
by motrbotr
Re: *%$ Lines! How do i wrap them up on a 4 liner?
*grin* It's not as complicated as that. You need to learn to handle the line. It only seems to come with experience. hmmm... Here's something that might help bring 'fast track' your experience: - ...
by Nullifidian
New Trick?
Friday, with the wind blowing about 18, I decided to mess around with my Alien for a bit. Because of the stronger winds, and my not compensating for it at first, I did a couple of axels without ...
by Jim Parry
I want to get a kite for my grandsons birthday he'll be 4. Something he can...
I want to get a kite for my grandsons birthday he'll be 4. Something he can learn to fly with his dad. At a reasonable price of say £30-£50 could you recommend somewhere in Edinburgh please ...
by David Fleming
Yea! What she said!!! I don't know much about the situation, But if I was invited to fly, spent my own money, on good faith; then the AKA should have also stood by their 'invitation' and not changed ...
by mortimer
Re: Fuerteventure next week!
XIII annual Kite festival. This is my 3rd year in a row, wouldn't miss it for anything! Germans and English Fliers, normally one American, (me) and bunch of Spanish Fliers meet once a year, normally ...
by meridimans
Dragonfly Quads + The
ref: http://ami.animenetwork.com/atomicskull/dragonfly.jpg Maybe I need more information to understand your concept, but keep in mind that (the way I see your drawing) if you pull the bottom right pa
by Man Eating Duck
Kitesurfing in BA?
Hi, Where can one learn kitesurfing in the San Francisco Bay Area, and/or rent equipment? Thank you Alexej Jerschow
by scottywan
Re: Are kite fliers losing the plot?
Remember this: OK, we all come across problems in life, but before begging for help, ask yourself: 'Am I really that dumb, or could I work it out myself'? You may amaze yourself! We're talking about ...
by mortimer
Re: New Years Day Fly BLackheath Sarth Landan
It's not a good afternoon to go kite flying. I just tried... I took Veronica ( http://www.veronica.tug.com ) to the nearest park. I noticed that it was cold (I was a little concerned that I was
by HowardtheDuck
The Secrets Of Kite Photography
... e photography and have seen his previous work. These lectures are eye opening so take the time and learn from the master. ...
by Donna
Few Tips on Coping with the Wind
I came across a useful discussion on the way to cope with the difficulty of bringing the kite down safely in heavy wind. Crisp explained how he applied a creative solution of Henry Jebe to the ...
by Donna

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