*%$ Lines! How do i wrap them up on a 4 liner?
Ok... I have a Hi 40 and love it. Unfortunately, if I follow the instructions on putting it away OR use the method I was shown when I got the kite, I end up with a tangled mess and 1.5 hours of ...
by scott
Attaching lines
Hi I have a brookite SkyFly two and have to replace the lines but I have taken the old lines off and don't know how to attache the new ones so they won't break - help please!!!:S
by tom
I have a stunt kite rookie rainbow how do i set up the lines in relatin to ...
i have a stunt kite rookie rainbow how do i set up the lines in relatin to the dual controllers
by Guest
Re: How do i set up a stunt kite with a 3point bridle? i bought ...
... Dodd I have watched you videos and they have helped me out allot. I have a prism jazz kite and my lines get caught on the knocks. It has cap with elastic in it. Also when doing any kind of recovery ...
by snootchy
Re: Best stunt kite instructional video?
... lat Spin section. There is also some very kewl footage of Carl Robertshaw, flying a Matrix on short lines, that is Amazing, towards the end of the ...
by ScottNash
Skynasaur Triple Aerobat/F-36 & SkyFox
... tunt kite that I dug out of the attic after many years. It was all tangled up with some other kites/lines. I cut the lines, but left the lines still attached to to the Skynasaur Kites. But when I get ...
by ESA1178
Re: Peter Powell kite plan
... the original plastic used to make the sail also have some original tooling and loads of alloy poles lines and original wooden ...
by neil
Re: Mosquito pro 7.5
... never advanced to the skill level needed to fly. I'm interested in selling it. I did buy all new lines that I never even ...
by Mosquito Pro KS 7.5
Re: Home-made harnessback-strap
Hi there, well that would work with alot of kites, but especially the newer breed of kites thrives on brakeline pulling! ;) I would certainly not recommend this with a C-Quad and some other ...
by man14val
Hi I have a flexifoil skytiger hi40 which I bought when I was younger and h...
... s younger and haven't really ever used. It has its original bag and control bars but would need new lines as I seem to have lost these in the 15 years since I last used it. ...
by Guest
Re: I have a old skynasaur aerobat with the bridle messed up
I'm having trouble connecting the lines to a Skynasaur Acrobat. Can you help?
by David
Re: Pro Dancer SUL
... ic SUL, *VERY* gracefull/elegant in the conventional flight modes. Beautiful on long, (75-120 foot) lines in next to no winds... If you're looking for trick abilities beyond axels though, you might ...
by SkyeLab
Re: How high can *you* fly? (or: Altitude Record)
Hey, I can beat that! 2 weeks ago, I was flying the Jam Session Millennium on 66 meter lines (being 2 33m lines knotted together). Here also, taking my height and arms in account, let's assume it's ...
by richard vinod
Re: Quad line delta
Interesting method, but where comes the power from? It seems to be coming from the bottom lines instead of the top lines and if that's the case you will have to stear with the top lines?
by anewton
Re: Of buggies, kites, and men, a libre/Jojo/lukas review
I'm glad you got to try them Jamey. I knew you'd like them. TROY GUNN AKA Sport Kite Conference Commissioner My shameless endorsements: Libre Buggies and JOJO Power foils Top of the Line Sport Kites ...
by dachs
Re: Dead Launch
Hi Teejay, My kite bag is a little limited, but the only kite I own that will do it consistantly is my Prism Fanatic. I'm sorry I can't give good details (it feels a bit like voodoo to me) but I seem ...
by Jim Davis
Re: Line strength for Peter Powell Kite, please
I found some good data here:
by jade
Re: Peter Powell Stunt Kite
Hello I have 3 tails (red blue or green)plus 4 handles with lines on if you are interested let me know. Thanks
Re: Parafoil kite out of control... what to do?
... lly it should fly reasonably straight. All cells look the same and inflate equally . . . The bridal lines have to be the same lengths (of course). How is the drogue connected to the kite? They ...
by scott
Re: No wind kites
... Definitely! The 3D is a nice kite but I prefer to use it outdoors in very light winds on 20' or 30' lines. I also have the Pi's predecessor, the X4i and find it better indoors also. See you in the ...
by SonnyYambars
Re: Wanted skytiger hi 40
Hi mint hi4o plus lines and handles flown once, repaired under flexfoil gtee - **** hum what is it worth - advice please gusamc which is at notcold mail dot nearly rhymes with dong
by sky40
Parafoil Kite is Possessed! Help!
Hello- I have a 3.5m 4 line parafoil kite. It is not a trick kite, 2 lines are the mains - and the other 2 are brake lines. Here is a link to it. ...
by Druggernaut
... 8 - Line Easy Project, Next!
I need a break from a monster like Kilroy, so next I am making a shorter, stubbier 8 - line *version* of the 12-Line 'No. 2' pencil. No curved rod sleeves... No appliqued screen... *phew! This will ...
by richard vinod
Hey. Assuming you are flying with 4 lines. Perhaps you had the same little problem that I also had when I flew the Velocity out of the bag. You have to shorten the traction/power lines by about 45cm. ...
by Kiteman
Wipika Classic 5.0
... te? I was thinking of using my existing Windtech bar but attaching the leash directly to one of the lines so it would pull on one side if I let go. Any thoughts would be great. ...
by HowardtheDuck
Re: Air brakes
I have seen another type of brake that attaches between the tow points and the flying lines. Haven't tried them so can't say how well they work. Before you buy.
by Electric Z
Re: New Tech Grasshopper comments?
Hola. I bought a pair of New Tech Grasshoppers to make a mini stack. I had intended to buy 4 or 5 more, but out local kite shop (I use that term very loosely) never got anymore in stock. I've only ...
by lubregad
I bought aclassic74inch skynasaur and need spar count where theyy're placed...
I bought aclassic74inch skynasaur and need spar count where theyy're placed as well as set up instructions for the lines and bridle
by Guest
Re: Nasa Wing
... or years. They are a minimum two line kite often sold as a four. Personally I hate any kite on four lines. Check out dedicated web sites for flying NASA's on two lines. Of course with ...
by Hazzaman
Re: Youre no longer a newbie when...
I think I was flying on 70 foot lines, I think there was an older guy about to come up and make some suggestions, but luckily, the friends I was there with all started cheering (it was my first 360 ...
by chani
Two line parafoils at Lidl
Come on down, 100 x 50cm two line parafoils (with cross bridle and naff flying lines) £5.99p. Find your local store now! Regards Roger Parry.
by ScottNash
Re: RON REICH TIP002 **Self Launch**
I have a question Ron. Why stake your lines? I setup my kite 'ala' Flight School method (been doing it that way for 6 years). First setup kite, attach lines, unwind lines, & lastly attach lines to ...
by SkyeLab
Re: Kite-jumping
Hmmm, don't quite know what you're doing wrong, and this will be a completely unhelpful posting, but I don't see why people have so many problems flying kites, jumping etc. Within a couple of hours ...
by motrbotr
Re: Quick Check for Equal Line Length of Quads
There is a much more certain way. When laying out the lines spike a ground stake at the upwind end and place all four end loops over it. Walk the lines out and then tension all four at once using ...
by Citizen Quasar
Re: Quad Line Foils....need advice
Unfortunately you are going to pay for a quadline power foil. If you are just looking to have some jumping dragging fun, look at either the C-quad or the Q2000 series. The C-quad is going to be more ...
by motrbotr
Velocity 410 brake lins
hi i got this kite as a gift knowing nothing about kiting and fly the kite with two lines no prob. buy Iv tried to fly this kite with the brake lins and it dos not rely worked. I shortened the ...
by johnny
Re: Foil Maker
Gary I laid the ripstop over the pattern and cut it out using a 'Weller' Instant soldering iron fitted with a cutting blade. (They cost about £15 from B&Q) This has the advantage of sealing the ...
by Jim Parry
Re: AKA treasure island
Rick, I can arrange a team mega fly (12-18 team fliers at once), if you're interested. TROY GUNN €Endorsing: Top of the Line Kites, Tori Tako Kites, Revolution Kites, Libre Buggies, JoJo Power ...
by chani
Hi Kite Fans, Did anyone manage to download the plans from Andrew Beaties commercial plans site before he had a break in, and had his stuff nicked? If you did can some kind Kite builder please ...
by Salamandaa
Re: Parafoil Newbie question
what kind of kite : 2 or 4 lines ? regards
by BlueSuedeShoe

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