Parafoil Kite is Possessed! Help!

I have a 3.5m 4 line parafoil kite. It is not a trick kite, 2 lines are the mains - and the other 2 are brake lines. Here is a link to it.

Anyway, this thing has never flown right. It is hard to describe just how poorly the kite flies. It is almost like there is no up or down, it does what it wants. It never wants to fly up, or remain stable in the air.

When it takes off, I immediately have to flip it upside down in the air - then flip it back around just to get it to go up. If I stop flipping it around in the air, it will instantly power down to the ground... Not fall, but power down.

I made sure there is no sand in the pockets, none of the lines are tangled, and the brake lines are as loose as possible. I have also flown it in many different locations, with varying wind speeds. Same problems. When the kite is in the air, it almost looks like the bottom edge is curled in a little bit (like the brake lines are activated), even though there is tons of slack on the lines themselves.

I would love any help I can get. I called the company and they basically told me to screw myself. I tried to fly it today... and it powered down right on top of 3 sunbathing ladies - this needs to be fixed.


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