The Benefits of Kite Flying
Kite flying has more benefits than most of us think of. Kite flyer's will tell you that flying kites will regenerate energy and has a way of reducing stress and tension of everyday life. Kite ...
by Donna
Re: Hi I have a flexifoil skytiger hi40 which I bought when I was younger and h...
Ok sounds perfect to me ! If you can send me pictures please !
by Ollie
Re: I have a lot of kites for sale as will never use them. They range from bran...
hi john i have a lot of stunt kites I will try and get some pictures for you
by kites for sale
Re: Peter Powell Stunt Kite
... but I have one for sale. It is in used but good condition. It is white with a red tail. I can send pictures upon request. Just let me know. ...
by Mark C Baum
Re: Zero wind kites review
... n the web, but can say I do like mine. Also I do have a small review of it on my website plus a few pictures. Email me if you want to know any specifics. Hope this helps David G. ...
by groovydarthonyx
Re: Looking for wind
... ZY or RRD logos - which will then take you to each 'site' where you can view reviews, and see great pictures from their product portfolio - to view the ...
by Hotelling
Re: I bought aclassic74inch skynasaur and need spar count where theyy're placed...
Hi, i have one it has a spreader spar and bottom 2 piece spar of dif diameters.Doing 'ltl' it would loose the wind out its sail and flutter to the floor. hasnt been out its tube for about 20years. I ...
by yellowpp
Re: Plans
I didn't download the 'Blade' plans but the Gemini plans worked well. Check out my site for pictures of it. :0) David
by Soundselectah
Re: Can anyone instruct me how to rig an old Peter Powell kite. ...
If you could post the pictures and the instructions here for all of us to see that would be great!
by jade
ISO: good kite landbord FAQ/tutorial
I am looking for a FAQ tutorial all about landboarding with a kite. With pictures hints and tips and everything. I don't seem to be able to find one.
by SonnyYambars
Kite wont lift
need to know proper set up for strings. need clear pictures. lengthes of strings would be helpful
by skynasaur
Re: Kite Festival
Its exciting to hear from you.We are so honored to attempt this kite festival to the Dallas Park and Recreation Dept.Let'stay in touch! Send pictures if you can.
by WOW Kites
Kite Photography
Take a look at those pictures that were taken from kites!! :whistle:
by Donna
Liberty High Spirits of 14B.
... s not a club. It's more like a tribe, so far. We will have info and invites...etc..... We have some pictures of the last ...
by Jim Davis
Imagine Yourself Looking down on This
Most of the pictures making up this beautiful collage were take from a kite. I found it breathtaking, so I thought I would share! Thank You Cris for posting this collage
by Donna

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