Peter Powell kite plan
I have the skeleton of a Peter Powell kite :-( When I recently got the kite out of the cupboard where it had lain for a few years I found the that the plastic had totally disintegrated - to such an ...
by scott
New kite plan
I am happy, and proud, to announce the availability of an 'original' kiteplan on The award winning 'Grandson of Woodstock.' Admittedly, the published plan is not a ...
by angel
Search for DV8 plan (build ba ted jackson)
Hi folks, i'm searching for a kite plan. Can anybody help me to find a plan for ted jackson's D.V.8 build in 1994. It also build by John Tennepohl (Skyburner) Thanks.
by groovydarthonyx
Web address for Kite Plan Database
Hello I'm looking for the web address of the kite plan database. It was mentioned in here quite a while back but I can't find the original message neither here on on dé Many thanks
by Raz
Kite flying on Maui
... y point in my brining sport kites with me? If so, what are some good places to fly on Maui? Also, I plan ...
by imported_Andrew
I need to have a flexifoil psycho ?
... n a broken one as long as all the party are still there? even one that has been ripped to shreds. A plan of the psycho or even a picture with it's measurements. I really need one, ...
by mano
Quad Line Foils....need advice
... s. I have flown them a couple times and have now decided that I'd like to get one of my own. I only plan on doing some scudding (sp?)...just getting drug around and doing some jumps! ...
by lubregad
Re: Can anyone instruct me how to rig an old Peter Powell kite. ...
I'm not at all sure but this plan may be of some help:
by jade
Re: Help is needed for a peter powell kite i got back in the 80s
You might find something on this thread:
by jade
Unable to unsubscribe to a Post I cannot unsubscribe - please help - the only option is subscribe! The unsubscribe link in the email also fails
by bigbadger
P.L. Pilot kite question???
This question is for anyone that has built their own P.L. Pilot kite. After seeing a number of these kites perform at Sunderland I would like to make some as lifters. What i need to know is: Are the ...
hi all, Anyone has a plan for the Pyro ??? I'm looking for a while now but can't find it. Don't even know if there is a legal public plan. Can someone help me out here ?? Graetz from Eleven
by Quatermass
Re: Baildon Moor, UK, Sunday 3rd September 2000
... light breeze-but we did get a bit of flying in-and a 99:-) you'll have to let us know when you next plan to get there. Mick -Õ¿Õ- ...
by scott

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