Quad line delta
... , this message is more on topic. I'm thinking of converting an old delta I've got hanging around to quad lines as at http://kitefisherperson.homestead.com/QDelta1.html. Anyone got any tips? I've made ...
Quad Line Foils....need advice
Ok... I am looking to get into flying quad line foils. I have flown them a couple times and have now decided that I'd like to get one of my own. I only plan on doing some scudding (sp?)...just ...
by lubregad
Important Steps In Designing Quad-Line Kites
... y rodding pix, but thought I'd share a couple of _very_ important things to remember when designing quad-line kites. If they don't pass these two *tests* you are not going ...
by Woodlyn
Hi there, As being interested in power kites, I have just bought a second-hand C-Quad 4.2, including a bar. Although I asked a lot of questions, I have forgotten to ask for a kind of user manual. ...
by anewton
Making The Double Delta Quad
Okay, I'll go ahead and do the experiement. Here are the two 5.5 foot dual-line kites I will use (attached). I know for a fact that they are good, solid, steady, reliable kites, so I should be ...
by Citizen Quasar
Opinions Please: HQs M QUAD
Hi People, I'm interested to hear from people who have seen or flown an HQ M Quad. Its hard to believe, but here in Australia an M Quad is less than half the price of a Rev EXP, let alone the SLE. ...
by scott
Quad Handles to a Control Bar?
Can I replace my 4 line quad handles with a control bar?
by gmateo1012
Delta Quad-Line Bridle
Getting these kites out for the double delta quad experiment, I noticed one is set up with a quad-line bridle, for those who might want to see a piccie of one: ...
by meridimans
Link Line for quad handles
... ween the handles so I can hook in? I have Quadrafoil handles, but am not interested in 'Buying' the quadrafoil link ...
by scott
Solution Quad ferrules (etc) query
Well, I have my as-yet-unflown Solution quad in front of me and I'm just wondering about those ferrules. I recall reports that they are tough to take apart once assembled. So, what tips can those ...
by SkyeLab
I have a c quad 10.5 skin and need bridal specs, any one?
I have a c quad 10.5 skin and need bridal specs, any one?
by Guest
Re: Home-made harnessback-strap
Hi there, well that would work with alot of kites, but especially the newer breed of kites thrives on brakeline pulling! ;) I would certainly not recommend this with a C-Quad and some other ...
by man14val
Re: How high can *you* fly? (or: Altitude Record)
Quad-line delta. One Hand. 150 feet of lines. Nothin' but 'net :) The Puppet Kite Kid
by AdipexAdipex
I have a lot of kites for sale as will never use them. They range from bran...
I have a lot of kites for sale as will never use them. They range from brand new beginners kite to profession stunt kites also some large single line kites for example an octopus and a scuba diver. ...
by Guest
Hi iv just got into power kiting i have an exit 1.8m dual co...
hi iv just got into power kiting i have an exit 1.8m dual cord but im looking for 2,5m quad but i wont it to look like home countrys flag does any one know i can get this done and wot price oh im in ...
by Guest
Re: PEEL5 is this a good Kite???
no a peel is not a good kite, to lift you up, take for a C-QUAD 6,2 m2 also from Peter Lynn
by Quesakol
Re: AKA Sport Kite Ranking
Ellen - I don't think the names applied to the skill levels matter other than to be in agreement with the International Sport Kite Competition rules. Section I - Paragraph C Skill levels shall be ...
by Squint
Re: Nasa Wing
I've been flying and experimenting with NASA WINGS for years. They are a minimum two line kite often sold as a four. Personally I hate any kite on four lines. Check out dedicated web sites for flying ...
by Hazzaman
Quick Check for Equal Line Length of Quads
Qualifier here: My experience has been with Revolutions but I expect the same holds true for all quad line kites. With the kite on the ground in normal launch position, Place the two handles ...
by HowardtheDuck
Re: *%$ Lines! How do i wrap them up on a 4 liner?
Yep, that's how most do it with Quad Power Kites. Put the handles together and wrap around them. If you always wrap and unwrap around the same end, while holding the handles in the same hand and ...
by Salamandaa
Re: AKA treasure island
Hi, I fly quad and flyping (freudian spelling error) mystery pairs with another kite sounds like a blast! Could you imagine the fighter and the quad in a mystery ballet? Sounds like fun. I was asked ...
by HowardtheDuck
Any chance you guys can join us this coming Saturday
Hi Liberty High Spirits, former Jersey Girl here, now heading up the NY Kite Crew! A tribe pretty much like you guys. Any chance you guys could join us this coming Saturday at Field 6 in Jones ...
by KIiteflyerNY
Dragonfly Quads + The
ref: http://ami.animenetwork.com/atomicskull/dragonfly.jpg Maybe I need more information to understand your concept, but keep in mind that (the way I see your drawing) if you pull the bottom right pa
by Man Eating Duck

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