Quadrifoil Competition XL.

I have a comp xl, but have never really come to grips with it.. My other power kites are the q2000 series and fly much differently... the comp seems mushy at the edge, then accelerates and comes up to full power like Right Now! at the center, then before I can get it slowed down, it's past the edge and folding,,,,, until it re-inflates (at full power) in the center again.. I know this is not a fault of the kite, but rather my mushy skills and slow reactions . I need to spend more time with this kite now that I'm sober and see if I can't play well with it. Don't know if that helps or not... but there it is!

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Hey Mike, sounds like you need more brake line on that XL. Once properly tuned, the control is not mushy at all the kite is actually quite responsive and controllable.

The XL has made me think that I may need to also get the XM and possibly even the XS. 😉))

My first X Comp was the XXXL.... NICE KITE!!! 😉)))

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my only complaint about the X series is that they don't respond to brake input for control purposes as well as I'd like them to. But then I'm probably quite spoiled with the new Jojo RM I just added to the bag.

without forward momentum break actions for control purposes on the XXL don't offer any control, it just folds the bottom of the kite in. With the Jojo, even with no forward movement, brake pulls steer the kite like it was a rev, even the 5 is very controllable in that fashion. I'm sure it's just a matter of me learning the kite, but it's not as inherent or natural for me to fly as the Jojo is, I just link with it.

Keep in mind that any high end kite is going to shoot out to the edge of the window and you need to use breaks to pull it back in order to keep it from luffing. That is until you get some speed going, then you let those breaks out, the kite shoots out to the edge and you shoot down the beach like a dart : ) Also remember that with high end kites keeping it moving constantly is going to fix a lot of those problems you mentioned. move it up and down, keep some forward movement on the kite at all times.

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