Kite shop in Edinburgh?
Can anyone recomend a good Kite shop in Edinburgh as I shall be ther next week and need to find one.
by HowardtheDuck
Kites shop - Baltimore
I would like to know if there is any kite shop in Baltimore, Maryland. Thanks,
by cosmicray930
Does anybody recommend a good kite shop in Cambridgeshire, UK. which would ...
Does anybody recommend a good kite shop in Cambridgeshire, UK. which would advise about re-stringing?
by Lickachopsaboboo
Re: Peter Powell kite plan
Hi I'm the sell on ebay and i bought this kite from an old toy shop about 4 or 5 years ago. I presumed then it was an origanal PP, as i had to go back two days later when the old lady had searched it ...
by Quatermass
Re: Pro Dancer SUL
... in next to no winds... If you're looking for trick abilities beyond axels though, you might want to shop around. This ...
by SkyeLab
Re: I'm looking to buy an original peter powell stunt kite in it...
If you just want to fly one get the new one. The shop is in Cheltenham or go on line. I have 3. One modified with carbon fibre spars. I do demo flights at some kite festivals for PP. Peter was to ...
by Marcus
Re: Peter Powell Kites
Hi Gary, I heard somewhere that Peter dosn't trade anymore. Our local toy shop still has some left from last years stock, they're around £15. Where in the country are you, maybe I can send you one. ...
by SkyeLab
Re: Any idea where I can get tails for my Peter Powell kites? I ...
Peter Powell on-line shop. About £5 each upward - and they do a large range now. Marcus
by Marcus
Re: Line strength for Peter Powell Kite, please
Hi Sara Climax Protec was not easy to get until now. I have seen Go-Kites now have an Ebay shop. 25m of various strengths starting at 70Kg. The beauty of this stuff is that it doesn't stretch. The ...
by Marcus
Re: Questions about the SOA Vibe
Hi Dodd Have you ever flown a vented Omega XS? If so, what are your thoughts on the kite? My local shop has had one in stock for a long, long time. Regards
by CosmicGirl
Re: Bridles for Peter Powell stunt kites
Just ask Mark and Paul Powell to send you a set. The PP shop is in Cheltenham and on line. If your kite is an original do NOT fly it! It is worth about £300! Get a new one!!!!!!
by Marcus
Re: New Tech Grasshopper comments?
Hola. I bought a pair of New Tech Grasshoppers to make a mini stack. I had intended to buy 4 or 5 more, but out local kite shop (I use that term very loosely) never got anymore in stock. I've only ...
by lubregad
Re: New toy and Temple Newsam (UK)
... have buggied there with great success. Do you live nearby?. I live in Leeds. As for the Ant-Gravity shop, I think it is well received here in Leeds as up to press I have bought all my ...
by scott
Where to buy ripstop online?
Israel have no shops selleing ripstop so I have to shop online. Any suggestion for a :reliable, cheap online supplier of ripstop? Also, what type of ripstop is best for big (3 meters) single liners? ...
by Scout
Re: How can i get a flexifoil psyco shipped to Australia???
All Extreme Kite Shop orders are shipped with either Interlink Express or Royal Mail. Sometimes orders placed later in the day will not be shipped until the next working day to reach you the day ...
by Joella
Re: For all Peter Powell enthusiasts, peterpowellkites.c are now up and run...
Mark and Paul Powell put it all back together in 2011 in secret. Then told pops! He spent his last few years with a big smile on his face. He sadly just died 3rd January 2016. I went to his funeral ...
by Marcus
Re: Any Peter Powell Kites available
New Mk2 available on line. Shop is in Cheltenham.
by Marcus
Re: Dodds Chat
... . after the trouble getting it set up, then on the internet, then it just shut down, took it to the shop, and it worked! I dont know... I did manage to get the DV editing program ...
by ScottNash
Re: Hi Everyone,I have a mumber of Peter Powell Kites,and I coul...
Yes ... Shop is in Cheltenham and on line. Keep those old ones. Worth a lot of money now. Get a new Mk2.
by Marcus
Re: Howe can i get in touch with someone that knows about old peter powell kite...
Me! Or just go to the PP website. The shop is in Cheltenham.
by Marcus
Re: Buggy helmet
I wear one of my canoe helmets. Available from any canoe shop. Prices range from £25+. They have changed a lot since the old days, and are available in many coulours / style etc. Also well vented so ...
by Quesakol
Help is needed for a peter powell kite i got back in the 80s
I got a new peter powell kite back in the eary 80's from a kite shop Ive only tryed to fly it once to no joy and it been back in its packing till today its red with a very long blue tall the bigest ...
by jagged commoner
Re: I want to get a kite for my grandsons birthday he'll be 4. Something he can...
I recommend you'd look for a single line kite. I don't know Edinburgh so here's an online shop you can order from:
by jade
Hello, I have a Spectra Sport Kites Nuclear Reactor. I had a...
Hello, I have a Spectra Sport Kites Nuclear Reactor. I had a kite shop replace all the fittings, now it does not fly well at all. Does anyone know how to adjust the bridle for this older kite. I ...
by Guest
Re: Buggying in fueventura
... d. Claudio has an older buggy, maybe he will rent it to you, you will have to call him, he owns the shop in Correlejo. Probably better if you ...
by dstf3000
Re: Link Line for quad handles
Hi Mikey! I have 2 setups. 1 is for handles with 'tails' coming out the back opposite where the flying lines attach, and the other is for handles with no 'tails'. There are some pics at ...
by dachs
Re: Kitesurfing in BA?
Alexej, Berkeley Boardsports offers lessons at Alameda. Call the shop, <phone> , and talk to Lex, or anybody else there. Happy kiting :-) Peace,
by scott
Flying in Silvaplana, Switzerland
Does anyone know about flying in the Silvaplana area of Switzerland? And where is the nearest kite shop? thanks,
by Squint

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