Best stunt kite instructional video?
I see that GWTW offers a few kite videos. Anyone care to recommend a title or two? Ken (to reply via email remove 'zz' from address)
by groovydarthonyx
What is the best video/youtube clip for a newbie stunt kiter?
What is the best video/youtube clip for a newbie stunt kiter?
by morrisdw
Re: How do i set up a stunt kite with a 3point bridle? i bought ...
... The other is recommended instructional video's: ...
by jade
Re: Dead Launch
Hi Teejay, My kite bag is a little limited, but the only kite I own that will do it consistantly is my Prism Fanatic. I'm sorry I can't give good details (it feels a bit like voodoo to me) but I seem ...
by Jim Davis
Re: Peter Powell kite plan
Hi. i cannot find the correct video using the yard card wording on you tube. please help me clear this up so i can buy the kite from you. i'm in the united states, so i guess i would be mailing ...
by Judy
Re: Prism Alien
... mph - (large pea) When the wind is blowing me over the Alien is still a riotl. (see the See it fly video clip). Make sure you check the banners ...
by groovydarthonyx
Re: AKA treasure island
Hi, I fly quad and flyping (freudian spelling error) mystery pairs with another kite sounds like a blast! Could you imagine the fighter and the quad in a mystery ballet? Sounds like fun. I was asked ...
by HowardtheDuck
Re: I have what I think is a Peter Powell kite. It has a very lo...
Take a look at my You Tube Video..... and also visit eBay where I have an original Red PP Kite for sale - alas, it's postal region is restricted to UK & ...
by peterpowellkite
I have a new Smithi, but it came with no video instructions or really much of any instructions. It has been years since I flew one. Is there any video instructions on this kite?
by Windy Mike
Re: Dodds Chat
actually I am having quite a bit of trouble with it...... after the trouble getting it set up, then on the internet, then it just shut down, took it to the shop, and it worked! I dont know... I did ...
by ScottNash
Re: NPW5, what a hoot !!!
Yeah its a bit hard to tac upwind i know this i got a 6.9m NPW but my good friend Tom made a 11m one and this one pulls buggys very well up and down wind,but alas tonight on the top of the lickeys in ...
by Jim Davis
Re: Kites in olympics
Go for the winter olympics, power kiting on ice would definitely give a thrill to those who enjoy watching home video goof up type tv shows...
by dstf3000
Re: Forbidden message when editing blog
Was this a blog including video on an older format?
by admin
Anyone ever fly a Smithi ? I bought a new one, still in box, trying to find...
:S Anyone ever fly a Smithi ? I bought a new one, still in box, trying to find some video instructions.
by Windy Mike
Embedded videos on blog posts
Hi,I just wanted to let you know that the video embedding inside blog posts is working smooth now.Enjoy :-)
by admin
Fuerteventure next week!
anyone from this group going? I'm shooting a new video with the new line of kites, I am looking for a few volunteers to help with Filming and Flying.
by Squint
Re: Prism webmasters site updated
thanks! Added the video-clips interface today. will be tweaking it a good bit (will upgrade the pics) and finalize the links to the videos- but the great deca video clip is linked. It's comming along.
by cihoovb
How To Make a Diamond Kite in 35 Minutes
I never thought that a two year old could fly a Kite - but I just saw a video to prove me wrong! You can see the video here: My Best Kite The little tot running along happily in front of the ...
by Donna
Kites a Perfect Outdoor Toy
... lay. The other two toy items inducted were: the Raggedy Andy doll and the revolutionary 1977 Atari video game, the first of its kind in the world. After the entrance of the kite to the Strong ...
by Donna
Stunt kite - Enjoy !
by Donna

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