Beautiful weekend
... , I've just finished building my first Cody, and I've talked the Mrs into coming to Saunton for the weekend (take advantage of the fact that any profficient ...
by Daelyte
Re: Stunt Kite Bridle Setup Problems!!
Thank you all for your replies. I will give it a try over the weekend. Final question for Don, should the kite fly over head to the point theat it drops out of the sky, or should it just stay ...
by Raz
Re: Hi I have a flexifoil skytiger hi40 which I bought when I was younger and h...
Hi Ollie, will send them by next weekend as I am currently on holiday.
by Jack
Re: Re my recent comments about the blade 3.3
I love the 3.3 too.we tried body dragging and surfing at the weekend.Body dragging slightly more successful.:-) We were using a converted surfboard and I managed about 20ft standing up before I wiped ...
by mathyou9
Of buggies, kites, and men, a libre/Jojo/lukas review
Some months ago, on the power kiting mailing list, the question came up about what the best power kite was. I threw in my limited knowledge 2 cents and said something along the lines of... 'I dunno ...
by Squint
Re: New PBSK Kite 2001 (com)
... ew he had it in him, but to see it all come out at once : ) Incredible looking kite! I was sick all weekend and just ...
by chani
Maryland Kite Society - MKS Retreat 2001
... Kite Builders Retreat. It will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Beltsville, MD over President's weekend, February 16-19, 2001. Registration is $75.00 per person ...
by AdipexAdipex
Re: Questions about the SOA Vibe
... , 20 mph seems a little on the high side. I was flying mine on the Mall in Washington, DC this past weekend at 12mph. Still, that's a bit of wind just to get it to do some ...
by watto
Coventry Kite Festival
Hi all, Just to let you know its Coventry's 7th Kite Festival this weekend.................... 7th Coventry Kite Festival, Friday18th -Sunday 20th August 2000 10am - 5pm War Memorial Park, Kenilworth ...
by Citizen Quasar
Kite Festival on South Padre Island
The weekend of November 4th and 5th B&S Kites of South Padre Island (South Padre's newest full service kite store) will be holding a family kite festival. As of now there will be wonderful single ...
by Bhaok
New toy and Temple Newsam (UK)
Good news Theresa bought me a kite in Leeds the other day! Bad news - it wasn't the Gemini in the new AntiGravity shop :( The toy shop in a shopping centre had some Top of the Line kites and, having ...
by chani
Pairs...Style of flying
We just finished a really nice weekend here in Long Beach California for the Long Beach Sport Kite Classic. Great Winds, great people and great weather... Enough with that though, on to my question. ...
by Prasanth
Re: Sewing a foil together ? ?
thanks for all the help. i'm going to have a stab at it this weekend. cheers...
by Daelyte
Site Re-design
Hi kiters, I'm in the middle of re-designing AERIALIS-DOT-COM somewhat. I'm updating the site within two main areas: 1 - CSS functionality and cross-browser compatibility) 2 - A few layout changes ...
by SonnyYambars
Flexifoil spar
At weekend the grommets on the spar on my flexifiol super 10 kites fell off. These are needed to keep the line attached to the spar and for stacking. Any tips for a permenant fix that will not keep ...
by Linda2
NPW5, what a hoot !!!
Hi Went to Southsea at the weekend & the wife (god bless her cotton socks) brought me a 3 meter NASA Power Wing. Well I normally fly kites with a little more finesse. So this brute was something new ...
by AdipexAdipex
Any chance you guys can join us this coming Saturday
Hi Liberty High Spirits, former Jersey Girl here, now heading up the NY Kite Crew! A tribe pretty much like you guys. Any chance you guys could join us this coming Saturday at Field 6 in Jones ...
by KIiteflyerNY
Re: New user, ex kite flyer
Shall do at the weekend.
by Zha
Marking Ripstop - and a sail repair question.
There are no nearish festivals this weekend, (and I don't have the diesel to get to Chelmsford :O(), so apart from a visit to the Zoo with the kids, I'm at a bit of a loose end. Figured I'd make a ...
Limitations of an SUL kite???
I was out flying on the weekend & winds were light. I am wondering, are certain tricks not possible with an SUL or an UL, i.e. Feather? The reason I am asking is that, I was trying to do a Flic Flac ...
by Arromeode
Buggying in Seattle/Tacoma
... I ( Monica ) lived in Des Moines for many years. We would come to Ocean Shores to fly almost every weekend. Finally, we just moved here. The closest place I know of for buggies is Washaway Beach in ...
by Nullifidian
Re: Staining Ripstop
Come fly with me for a weekend :-) Thanks. The Kid Posted from http://www.ikite.com - I Kite, Therefore I Am
by groovydarthonyx
Re: Where is kiting going?
My kiting am going up to the beach for the weekend How I think it will be going there by veedub bus What can the average flyer do? It can do some tricks, and crash buggies Sorry....no sarcasm ...
by watto
Re: Knots
... thing better than a simple larkshead to connect a link line to my handles. Tried the setup out last weekend and worked just fine. would have ...
by BlueSuedeShoe
Re: UK?
I think what he trying to say is 'Bristol kite fest, this weekend, the BIG one' Whisky Before you buy.
by lubregad
Re: Baildon Moor, UK, Sunday 3rd September 2000
ok-i've been 'lurking' on this group for a few weeks and would like to be at baildon this weekend. Whereabouts on the moor do you fly-any chance of directions from baildon? I'm from Halifax-went to ...
by Scout

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