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I've never seen the Flexi buggy and have been riding the latest versions of the PL 'comp' as it evolved over the years. The only times I've had anything break was when a big friend of mine used to borrow the current buggy and hit something, easily fixed anyway. I have the Peter Lynn 'high sider' side frames and seat fitted to my buggy now and after a few sessions lately on Coogee beach I would have to say it is the most comfortable and secure feeling combination I have used. Apparently the 'high siders' have not sold well, they have only sold 2, one to me and the other to a mate in Victoria and may not be readily available, but you could try to order them from your dealer or me. The stock comp buggy is an excellent all round buggy though, the only addition I have for mine is a wider back axle (1.4M) for high speeds and beating Chris Brent (just) at course racing in Adelaide recently. Go for the PL comp is my 2c worth, cya and Goodwinds Steve McCormack

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Mark try and get your bum in as many buggy types as you can. Go to a meeting somewhere and beg a try. What are you intending to do? And what are you prepared to pay?

It's horses for courses.

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