No wind kites
I want to buy a zero wind kite and would like some comments on following ones: HQ kites : Hot pepper Buena Vista : PI Prism : 3D The fact for choosing these kites is the lower budget required. Thanks,
by ufonut6009
Looking for wind
Is there any web sites out there that will tell us wind speed on the beaches as I live 1 hours drive from the south coast and would find this info very
by Jim Parry
Zero wind kites review
I'm looking for kite review, specially for the Feather and the Geenie from HQ.
by SonnyYambars
Kite wind turbine electric generator
Hi. New to the newsgroup, I work in the windpower industry. I am investigating some plans to build a small wind turbine without a tower; i.e. a kite wind turbine. A year ago or so I saw a discussion ...
by Linda2
Light wind kite?
... Plus there are many Ultra lites out there to choose from. Contact Into The Wind ...
by scottywan
I have wind dance3 and need a cross bridle diagram
Need diagram for cross bridle for wind dance3, can anyone help PLEASE!
by toby lee
For Sale: Illusion and Kestrel Wind Meter
For sale: Great early Illusion, #024, with the older-style bridle. Custom colors: yellow outer-most tips, black inner tips, orange lower wing panels, white on rest of wing panels, grey center panels. ...
by dtyjyrzwz
I would like to know the name of ultermate zero wind kite thankyou alan
i would like to know the name of ultermate zero wind kite thankyou alan
by Guest
Looking to buy a low-wind-kite... any suggestions?
I still a kite n00b so I don't wanna get anything to fancy. Maybe like $100 or so...
by Garett9
Re: Stunt Kite Bridle Setup Problems!!
I hold the kite over my head by the bridles in a recommended wind range for the kite. If the kite rises and the nose of the kite comes up directly over you head you have the right spot. move you ...
by Raz
Re: Kite shop in Edinburgh?
Yup try Wind Things in the Grass Market, Good shop, friendly helpfull staff. Hopp
by HowardtheDuck
Re: Looking for a kite club in houston tx
... rs spend quite a bit of time flying around Houston. A favorite spot is Sylvan Beach in Laporte. The wind comes straight off the bay with no obstructions. You can check ...
by Capt Rick, local kite guy
Re: Kite flying on Maui
... or it!! I've been going there for years and take several kites every time. The north shore is a bit windy, but I like speed wings and huge dual liners (10- 13ft) to pull my butt all over the place. ...
by motrbotr
Re: Dead Launch
... I'm sorry I can't give good details (it feels a bit like voodoo to me) but I seem to need a descent wind (6-7mph to ...
by Jim Davis
Re: Bridle lenght?
I believe you mean 'line set' and it's different strokes for different folks, wind conditions and skill levels. 150' is generally good for beginners, high winds and ballet style kites. 50' is good ...
by ScottNash
Kites as an Energy Source?
... these kites can capture more power than even the highest topsail of a clipper ship. With favorable winds, even large cargo ships can see substantial fuel savings, greater speeds or both. this is ...
by Donna
Re my recent comments about the blade 3.3
... a while.) I only really buggy at the park near my house, don't usually fly stunt kites as I like my wind a bit on the steady side and the park gets some very turbulent winds. I had ...
by grover
Kite lifting antenna
I heard this brought up at one time before about a kite lifting a antenna. I found this bit of information and though I would pass it along. Don't ask me what it all means because I don't have the ...
by Quesakol
I just bought a new stunt kite and it wont fly. I fly my other two stunt ki...
I just bought a new stunt kite and it wont fly. I fly my other two stunt kites every day if the wind is good. I bought the Jet Stream Speed made by Elliot in Germany. I tried to launch it and it ...
by Guest
Re: Pro Dancer SUL
... full/elegant in the conventional flight modes. Beautiful on long, (75-120 foot) lines in next to no winds... If you're looking for trick abilities beyond axels though, you might want to shop around. ...
by SkyeLab
Re: How high can *you* fly? (or: Altitude Record)
Hi folks, Must have been may,98, late afternoon, wind from the east (never good). Well benoit and I had been flying all afternoon, but the winds were pretty crappy. So I said to him, lets try getting ...
by lalika
Re: What would you buy?
In the 2-30 range I would buy an Illy 2K. I am a believer in the function of the spoilerz that reduce the speed and pull of the kite. There has been a small learning curve, but now the only dual line ...
by ScottNash
Re: Quad line delta
I fly all my delta quad lines. Even stack a Trick Tail, Precision and Omega together. Now that's a hand full. 3 different sized, style of flying all stacked together. Picture 3 kites with 6 45foot ...
by Mathefblow
Re: I'm looking to buy an original peter powell stunt kite in it...
You might be interested in this type of Peter Powell (Mk.2), I'm flying it at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland from the cliff top. Reason I'm kneeling is that I'm 3 to 4 feet from the edge and a ...
by peterpowellkite
Re: Beetle Assembly Question
Steve Hall is right, loosen the sail tension at the leading edge, re tighten after you've put he LE into the nose piece. You'll find that 'things' stretch a bit after you've flown it a few times and ...
by SkyeLab
Of buggies, kites, and men, a libre/Jojo/lukas review
Some months ago, on the power kiting mailing list, the question came up about what the best power kite was. I threw in my limited knowledge 2 cents and said something along the lines of... 'I dunno ...
by Squint
Re: Stacking A 2.8 and 1.8 Prism Stylus?
I on the other hand prefer stacking the 1.8 & 2.8 together. I feel they fly much more stable and look really cool. With two matching kites the pilot can't really see the kites above the bottom one in ...
by HowardtheDuck
Re: Line strength for Peter Powell Kite, please
Hi Sara Climax Protec was not easy to get until now. I have seen Go-Kites now have an Ebay shop. 25m of various strengths starting at 70Kg. The beauty of this stuff is that it doesn't stretch. The ...
by Marcus
I'm looking for a good kite auction site/sites. Can anybody help me as I ha...
I'm looking for a good kite auction site/sites. Can anybody help me as I have an array of kites, 95 foot Catch the Wind Spinsocks, Peter Powell trains, Hawaiians, Flexifoil trains, Greens ...
by Pete
Maryland Kite Society - MKS Retreat 2001
The Maryland Kite Society is happy to announce the details of its 2001 Kite Builders Retreat. It will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Beltsville, MD over President's weekend, February 16-19, ...
by AdipexAdipex
Re: Parafoil kite out of control... what to do?
Small parafoils are often unstable. The one in the picture was a 15 to 17 sq ft. That is 'sorta' small (but at least it is not a 10 or even a 5 sq ft!) The first think I would do is add a long tail. ...
by scottywan
Parafoil Kite is Possessed! Help!
Hello- I have a 3.5m 4 line parafoil kite. It is not a trick kite, 2 lines are the mains - and the other 2 are brake lines. Here is a link to it. ...
by Druggernaut
Re: Questions about the SOA Vibe
Well, while I agree that it takes a lot of wind to fly this kite, 20 mph seems a little on the high side. I was flying mine on the Mall in Washington, DC this past weekend at 12mph. Still, that's a ...
by watto
Bridle adjustment
... y step guide on how to set a bridle. i have a nivana std and a r sky next but waiting for the right wind speed is a pain in the but... i know the bridle can be adjusted but again not being one who ...
by 5804danny
... 8 - Line Easy Project, Next!
I need a break from a monster like Kilroy, so next I am making a shorter, stubbier 8 - line *version* of the 12-Line 'No. 2' pencil. No curved rod sleeves... No appliqued screen... *phew! This will ...
by richard vinod
PEEL5 is this a good Kite???
Hoi, I am new to kiting in Belgium. I have a question....... is a PEEL 5 from Peter Lynn a good kite for lifting me ?? I'm around 90Kg or 180 pounds(pounds, i think) I don't have a great deal of ...
by Squint
Hello I've just answered a similar post. I didn't want to duplicate my reply but guests can't link things so here it is again... Hello. I have both the Brookite Air Attack 360 and 460. The 360 ...
by umop--apisdn
Re: Air brakes
Look at and their set of brake packages. The one similar to the one you're describing is the Back Brake and attaches to the base of the spine and one set of standoffs. ...
by Sharath
Kite Injuries
This Saturday I went to fly my kite on the beach, it was quite windy and I was trying out a new kite I've just bought (double line kite). Just after take of a gust of wind popped out of no where and ...
by Donna
Re: Prism Alien
... to quit smokin, it's either that or an old Indian shaman, options are running low, haha. To say the wind always blows in Corpus Christi would be true ...
by ScottNash

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