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How To Make a Diamond Kite in 35 Minutes by Donna
I never thought that a two year old could fly a Kite - but I just saw a video to prove me wrong! You can see the video here: My Best Kite The little tot running along happily in front of the kite is Tim Parish's son.You can find instructions ...
The Benefits of Kite Flying by Donna
Kite flying has more benefits than most of us think of. Kite flyer's will tell you that flying kites will regenerate energy and has a way of reducing stress and tension of everyday life. Kite flying develops creative thinking, both in the making ...

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Is this a 4 line kite? I just bought one used Its in great shape. I know nothing about it. All the bladders inflate well. I'm guessing I am supposed to inflate. If someone has experience ...
by Lamce - 3 days ago
This is my current list with some that have already sold. I started flying kites relatively late in life. Following a fifteen year career working in the entertainment industry as a ...
by PDF - 2 weeks ago
Has anyone given advice?
by Lisa kitegirl - 2 weeks ago
I have a dual line stunt kite delta 65 inch wing need to make my own bridal please help me with measure ments
by normeo - 3 weeks ago
I just bought a new stunt kite and it wont fly. I fly my other two stunt kites every day if the wind is good. I bought the Jet Stream Speed made by Elliot in Germany. I tried to launch it ...
by Guest - 1 month ago
Looking 2 buy a 60,s man in the moon kite .Bill meter .
by Bill meter - 1 month ago

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